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Van Rooyen Orchids situated in White River, Mpumalanga, is a nursery that specializes in Orchids, Air Plants (Tillandsia) and other Bromeliaceae. We grow a very large variety of orchid species and hybrids and have added air plants and other Bromeliaceae to our range. They are excellent companion plants to orchids. We concentrate on plants that are easy to grow, flower and maintain under our South African conditions.

We will be posting some interesting and scarce plants for sale of which we only have one or two available. This will be added to as plants become available and taken off when they are sold out. The codes of these plants will all start with a SCC (standing for Special Connoisseur’s Corner) if you want to search for them.

Browse our extensive catalogue online! We send plants to hobbyist orchid and air plant growers and collectors all over the country.

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