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SOUTH AFRICAN ORCHID COUNCIL - A host of information about the South African Orchid Council with contact details for all the ORCHID SOCIETIES IN SOUTH AFRICA



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LOWVELD ORCHID GROUP  LOG - Lowveld Orchid Group




logo - A fabulous site for information on our indigenous species in South Africa.
 A species list, flowering times, photo gallery, red and orange data lists and lots more information available


OTHER:  - Advice on growing, pests and diseases etc - Home page of the American Orchid Society, includes a free newsletter builder and lots of info, culture notes etc. - Orchids Australia - Orchid Digest -- First Rays' Free Info on Orchid aspects like culture, pests and diseases, ailments and many more
- Ipoh Orchid Society, Malaysia




RHS - Royal Horticultural Society

- RHS registration
- Information on hybrid parentage


International Plant Name Index - International Plant Names Index (all botanical plants)




Thanks to Sue Bottom of the  

St. Augustine Orchid Society for the following very informative articels on Orchid Pests and Diseases:


For pests:


For diseases:


 For environmental conditions:


For viruses:


This links to the overview page and the pdf download:

- Online Orchid resource Centre

Cattleya-Log is a catalogue for your orchid collection. It lets you keep track of the details of your collection in a user-friendly interface. You can create your own codes to simplify your work and there are many many reports you can print.
The program simplifies the task of tracking an orchid collection and covers all aspects of growing. Comprehensive and flexible reporting are included. Free updates to registered users.
For more details, click the link above.


Orchidworks- Wonderful photo's - Screensavers (some orchids) accompanied by lovely classical music - Various species and pictures


I recently came across a very interesting website: BBC Nature.
Here one can find a host of interesting facts and articles about nature in general but also a lot about orchids.
There are many interesting video clips on orchids which are entertaining as well as educational.
Visit: to see some of these.
This page features information about orchids in general, some of the ‘technical details’ about orchids (put in
layman’s terms) and info on orchid evolution as well as some of the latest orchid discoveries.

SITES DEDICATED TO SPECIFIC GENERA / COUNTRIES : - Paphiopedilum - Phalaenopsis -Taisuco Phalaenopsis - Excellent photographs of Masdevallia, Bulbophyllum and a few other genera

The Orchidstudium Project is a non-profit organization that congregates researchers and collectors of orchids, mainly of Brazilian native species, for the purpose of extending and spreading the knowledge of these plants. As the existing bibliography on Brazilian orchids is quite old and incomplete, the main project of the group is the publication of the online Orchids Photographic Encyclopedia that can be accessed on Photos menu link. The Encyclopedia is designed to be a fast and practical tool for identification of worlwide orchid species and includes nomenclatural changes that continue to occur nowadays.

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