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Rossioglossum SAs

This the list you've been waiting for!! Our third MYSTERY SPECIAL.

This offer expires on

Saturday 10 June 2017 at 22:00

Below is a list of plants that are all on Sale – less 30%

This offer is on a first-come - first served basis (we have limited stock available of some of the items) and strictly available for limited hours as stipulated only - Unfortunately any orders received after the expiry time will not qualify for any discount.

Please mail ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or fax (0866499417) your order form  with the CODE and NAME of the Plants as well as their normal price, your name, delivery address and contact number.

DO NOT PAY FOR THE ORDER YET – we have to check the plants first and get back to you re availability and the amount due (we will do the calculations for you.)

Courier fees & Packing will be calculated on the Rand value of the order before the plants are discounted.

For Courier fees & Packing we will add (based on the normal price):
R160 for orders up to R500
R200 for orders R500 - R1 000
R250 for orders R1 000 - R2 000
R300 for orders R2 000 - R3 500
R400 for orders R3 500 - R5 000
For orders over R5 000 - please enquire

All flowering size plants     
Maximum two of each plant per customer.
Plants sent bare root and out of flower by Globeflight Courier Service.

We will try to dispatch all orders within two weeks after the offer had expired – we usually ship on Mondays, sometimes Tuesdays.


We regret that these specials are for South African customers only.


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We regret that these specials are for South African customers only.



Eria biflora Flowering Size S160 R 95,00 From the Himalayan region
common name: The two-flowered Eria.
Synonym: Eria glossaera

Interesting flower habit where the two creamish flowers are grouped close together in the bright yellow floral bracts on short inflorescences.
The cane-like pseudobulbs are swollen at the apex. 
Grow in cool to hot conditions with bright indirect light .
Eria hyacinthoides Flowering Size S226 R 120,00 syn: Bryobium hyacinthoides
Abundant in the Malay Peninsula and the islands of Sumatra, Java and Borneo. The plants flower in spring with an upright inflorescence bearing attractive pure white 'Hyacinth-type' flowers.
Eria javanica (syn. Eria fragrans) Flowering Size S66 R 100,00 Indopacific /Fragrant
Bears many white to pale yellow very fragrant flowers
Gomcidumnia Kamphaengsan White Flowering Size OT13 R 175,00 At last a robust growing white Oncidium. It gives tall inflorescences with long-lasting pretty white blooms.Well worth growing!
Gomenkoa (Oncidium) Valley Gold Flowering Size OOB19 R 155,00 Good sized yellow flowers with mahogany-brown markings on tall stems.
Gomesa crispa Flowering Size S69 R 120,00 Dense sprays of fragrant yellow-green flowers with crisped yellow margins resembling little green men. Most appealing.
Gongora galeata Flowering Size S70 R 120,00 Endemic to southern Mexico. Grow well in baskets with the lovely yellow (to mahogany brown) flowers hanging down like tiny boats. "The helmet shaped Gongora"
Gongora galeata 'Dhow' Flowering Size S335 R 150,00 Endemic to southern Mexico. Grow well in baskets with the lovely flowers hanging down like tiny boats.
"The helmet shaped Gongora"
The clone 'Dhow' has bronze-brown coloured flowers
Isabelia pulchella Flowering Size S276 R 130,00 Synonym: Neolauchea pulchella This miniature epiphyte occurs from Rio de Janeiro to Rio Grande do Sul,where it is more common growing epiphytically along the coastal montane areas.
Laelia anceps Flowering Size S78 R 120,00 Central America One of the finest of the Laelias. Easy and showy outdoor growing orchid. Large lilac flowers on strong arching slender stems. Excellent beginner plant - easy to grow and flower under various circumstances.
Laelia anceps 'Majalis' Flowering Size S213 R 120,00 They produce their flowers on much shorter stems and the plants are more compact. Still very easy to care for and to flower.
Laelia anceps 'Tierra del Fuego' x 'Dark Guerrero' Flowering Size S354 R 270,00 Very large, dark, shapely flowers with a dark, velvety lip
Laelia anceps (HQ Supreme x self) Flowering Size S376 R 350,00 The finest of our Laelia anceps plants - broad petals, beautiful lip and dark colouring
Laelia anceps cv. Mulholland Flowering Size S214 R 185,00 Laelia anceps is one of the finest of the Laelias - Easy and showy, outdoor growing. Mulholland is a selected clone producing large , pristine white flowers with yellow in the lip and some fine purple-blue lines on the side-lobes.
Laelia anceps subsp. dawsonii 'FM' Flowering Size S231 R 200,00 A beautiful semi-alba Laelia anceps with yellow throat and dark maroon markings on the sidelobes of the lip
Laelia anceps var. Guerrero Flowering Size S134 R 185,00 One of the finest of the Laelias.Easy and showy outdoor growing orchid. Large lilac flowers on strong arching slender stems.This variety has attractive darker lavender splash petals.
Laelia anceps var. Hilii (semi-alba) Flowering Size S79 R 150,00 White flowers with pastel lavender colouring on the petals and lip.
Laelia anceps var. Veitchiana Flowering Size s135 R 220,00 Laelia anceps is one of the finest of the Laelias - Easy and showy outdoor growing orchid. The Veitchiana variety have large white flowers with a purple-blue lip on strong arching slender stems.
Laelia purpurata Flowering Size S81 R 250,00 Showy white to pink flowers. Lip pink outside with a yellow throat and purple veining. Rich deep purple on the lobes. Extremely attractive.
Laelia purpurata variety carnea Flowering Size SJH1345 R 300,00 Produces large white flowers with a very unusual pinkish-red lip.
A selfing of this really beautiful and rare variety of purpurata.
Laelia purpurata variety sanguinea (syn. Sophronitis purpurata var. sanguinea) FS S1668 R 250,00 A selfing of the variety sanguinea that bears magenta flowers.
Laeliacattleya Cool Beauty Flowering Size CAL34 R 220,00 A true beauty and a very interesting cross. The wonderful vigor and ease of culture of Laelia anceps was retained while producing stunning dark purple, medium sized velvety flowers. Grows very well mounted as well.
Laeliocatanthe Meadow Bright Flowering Size CALH02 R 175,00 LAELIOCATANTHE= Cattleya x Guarianthe x Laelia Tall plants produce tall spikes with a feast of orange to orange-red flowers.
Laeliocattleya (Cattleya Nitsi x Laelia lundii) Flowering Size CN586 R 120,00 A delightful miniature with the veining and frills from L.lundii adding great charm. Easy to grow into a specimen plant.
Laeliocattleya Chyong Guu Swan 'White Boulder' Flowering Size CSH05 R 250,00 One of the best semi-alba Cats available at the moment - with two such parents, you expect nothing less!
Laeliocattleya Gold Digger Flowering Size CAL1766 R 185,00 The much awarded Lc Gold Digger has proven to be an excellent cluster type Cattleya. In this cross we have combined two of the best Lc Gold Digger clones (see picture 3 below) - the deep yellow 'Buttercup' with the beautiful yellow with red lip 'Orchid Jungle'. Grex is close to the parents producing cluster type yellow to deep yellow flowers with a pale to dark red lip.
Laeliocattleya Hillary's Hope x Sl Isabelle Stone Flowering Size CAM480 R 125,00 Exquisite dark magenta to cerise miniature Cattleya flowers with a pale to dark yellow throat.
Laeliocattleya Orglade's Grand 'Yu Chong Beauty' Flowering Size CALT09 R 250,00 Pristine white flowers with a dark red lip - Another stunning semi-alba
Laeliocattleya Purple Cascade 'Fragrant Beauty' Flowering Size CAMT06 R 195,00 Meristems of this beautiful splash petal cluster - medium white flowers with intense purple splashes on petals and lip.
Laeliocattleya White Spark Flowering Size CSH08 R 195,00 White with a purple spark of colour


Lc Hsin Buu Lady L. anceps x C. Wendy's Valentine Flowering Size CAMH01 R 250,00 An absolute gorgeous plant to have in your collection. Easy to cultivate and flower and produces an arched to erect inflorescence with intense cerise-red flowers on the tip
Leptotes bicolor Flowering Size Miniature S365 R 110,00 A beautiful, miniature, warm growing epiphyte from Brazil and Paraguay that grows in subtropical rainforest and coastal mountains.
Terete pencil-like psuedobulbs with a single, apical, subcylindric, acute, deeply grooved, shiny, dark green leaf, and large, 1 to 3, successively opening, fragrant flowers occuring in the late winter or early spring.
This miniature orchid grows very well attached to tree fern with bright light and humid conditions.
In Brazil extracts from this plant's fruit capsules have been used to flavor milk, ice cream and sherbert exactly as we use vanilla. 
Lycamerlycaste Kool Customer Lycaste Koolena x Sudamerlycaste locusta Flowering Size MH25 R 250,00 One of our own hybrids - they all flowered with pleasant soft yellow-green to green flowers on tall stems.
Lycaste bradeorum Flowering Size S290 R 165,00 One flower (about 4.5 cm) per inflorescence, but up to 7 inflorescences are produced more or less simultaneously by each flowering growth. The sepals are a very light yellowish green, while the petals are light yellowish orange, and the lip is colored a brighter yellowish orange with a faint reddish tinge at its base
Lycaste Rowland x candida Lycaste (Auburn x Jason) x candida Flowering Size MH27 R 185,00 Another one of our own crosses - a very pleasant outcome. The plants are free-flowering on shorter stems - colour varies from green-brown to salmon pink.
Maxillaria picta Flowering Size s233 R 120,00 SPECIES from Southeastern Brazil

Very rewarding potplant - easy to grow and flower.
The fragrant pale yellow flowers have slender,heavily spotted maroon-purple petals with a broad white lip and some spotting and purple flushing. They are produced profusely on inflorescences from the base of the pseudobulbs.
Can be grown and flowered easily under bright, indirect light conditions in intermediate to warm temperatures.
Often found on trees or rocks at intermediate elevations.
Maxillaria tenuifolia cv - Red Coconut Flowering Size S86 R 130,00 Eye catching mahogany red flowers with a very attractive, strong fragrance of coconut oil.
Maxillariella acervata Flowering Size S358 R 200,00 Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama in primary montane and premontane evergreen forests at elevations of 500 to 2000 meters. 
Grows in bright indirect light conditions at intemediate to warm temperatures
Mediocalcar decoratum Flowering Size s207 R 100,00 Delightful miniature with little bell-like flowers. They require moist, humid conditions year round.
These delightful miniatures occur in the rain forest mountains of New Guinea as well as some surrounding islands.
Microterangis harriotiana Flowering Size AS301 R 135,00 syn. Chaemangis harriotiana - Comore Islands Mature plant bears a mass of burnt-orange flowers on many-flowered pendant inflorescences. Epiphyte in humid forest sea level to 500m; flowers in Spring
Miltonia Anne Warne ' Alii' AM/AOS CCE/SAOC Miltonia Bluntii x Miltonia spectabilis Flowering Size OM001 R 125,00 Such a rewarding plant - it grows into a specimen (even in a sheltered Pretoria garden!) and produces a stunning show when flowering
Miltonia Anne Warne x (Guanabara x Bluntii) cv Arctic Panda Miltonia Anne Warne x (Guanabara x Bluntii) Flowering Size OM007 R 125,00 A very different clone of this rewarding grex - flowers white < lip white with bold purple spots
Miltonia flavescens 'Igaucu' Flowering Size S88 R 120,00 Cream to pale yellow flowers; white lip with red spots at the base; grows and flowers easily, perfect for the frostless garden
Miltonia Invisible Man Miltonia moreliana x Miltonia Sharatan Flowering Size OMZD67 R 125,00 syn' Miltonia spectabilis var.Moreliana x Odm Sheraton An ideal plant for the garden that grows vigorously and flowers well producing many one-flowered inflorescences. Dark purple-plum wine colouring.
Miltonia regnellii var alba Flowering Size S336 R 145,00 A pure white form from this brazilian Miltonia - warmth tolerant - easy to grow and flower.
Named after a 19th century Swedish physician collector, Dr Andre Regnell
Miltonia spectabilis Flowering Size S89 R 125,00 Creamy white petals and sepals tinged with red towards the base. Lip attractive marron-pink with darker veining.
This group of Miltonia are easy to grow and flower and grows very well mounted on trees in the garden - when sheltered from cold winds in winter even outside in Pretoria and Johannesburg!
Miltonia spectabilis var rosea Flowering Size S337 R 165,00 This very attractive variety of Miltonia spectabilis, variety rosea, has pale rose-purple petals and sepals and a rose-pink coloured lip with some purple radiating lines
Miltoniopsis Roelie van Rooyen Miltoniopsis Jersey x Hamburg 'Velvet' AM/AOS Flowering Size MVR07 R 125,00 Large shapely flowers. A very successful hybrid that varies immensely - flowers from deep red to white and red.
Mormolyca ringens Flowering Size S173 R 95,00 Mormolyca - syn. Trigonidium ringens - Mexico to Costa Rica; common in forest from sea level to 1000m
Odontocidium Tiger Hambuhren x Onc.sphacelatum Odcm Tiger Hambuhren x Onc sphacelatum Flowering Size OD246 R 140,00 Produces long arching sprays of medium sized flowers in golden shades; petals and sepals reddish brown or densely spotted mahogany.
Oncidesa Sweet Sugar Oncsa Aloha Iwanga x Gomesa varicosa Flowering Size OOB14 R 155,00 ONC - Oncidium (Dancing Lady). Oncidium Sweet Sugar produces compact growth habit and inflorescence with a large, bright yellow lip, which makes it one of our favourite yellow Oncidiums to grow.
Very attractive and easy to grow and flower in a pot or mounted.
Oncidium (First Snow x sphacelatum) Onc. First Snow x Onc. sphacelatum Flowering Size OVR01 R 180,00 A vigorous plant that produces tall inflorescences with shiny mahogany and yellow flowers. Flowers larger than most Oncidium flowers.
Oncidium Doi Tung Onidium Star Wars x Oncidium flexuosum Flowering Size OT12 R 100,00 Easy to grow and flower and produces a shower of lovely yellow flowers
Oncidium Golden Anniversary Oncidium sphacelatum x Oncidium Sarcatum Flowering Size OT11 R 115,00 This plant produces inflorescences of up to a meter in length with multiple branches.
Oncidium Guann Shin Howard 'Chameleon" Onc. Sphacetante x Onc. Lovely Apple Flowering Size OT14 R 165,00 Camo-chameleon!
Oncidium maculatum cv Botanica Flowering Size S310 R 175,00 Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador
Shiny green flowers with mahogany-brown patterning, lip white with a hint of green
Oncidium obrizatum Flowering Size S363 R 175,00 Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Peru. 
A cloud of yellow flowers

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