Angraecum compactum


Vandeae - Angraecinae 
Flowering Size 
R 450,00 

ORIGIN/HABITAT: Madagascar. This epiphytic orchid is widespread in Madagascar where it is found from the lower eastern slopes up into the drier forests of the central plateau at 2300-6550 ft. (700-2000 m). -- Source: Charles Baker

The 200 species that make up the genus Angraecum are spread through out tropical Africa, The Comoros Islands, The Seychelles, The Mascarenes and Madagascar from sealevel to 2000 meters. They require a wood slat basket, high humidity, moderate shade, and ample water while in growth and less when not, but never allow to dry out for long periods. They are miniature to large epiphytic, monopodial, strap leafed, with a lateral, axillary, racemose inflorescence with one to many flowers. The flowers are mostly white in color, sometimes yellow, green or ochre and they are as a rule longlasting and some are fragrant and they all have a long spur at the back of the lip. 

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