Bulbophyllum lepidum


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Distributed from the Andaman Islands through Burma (now Myanmar), Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Mentawai, Bangka, Java, Maluku, and Borneo. This orchid has been collected in most regions of Thailand from the northwest mountains to peninsular Thailand, but specific habitat details were not given. Plants have been found at several locations in Laos and Cambodia and at numerous locations in Vietnam, but habitat elevations for these locations were not given. In Malaya, plants are reported to be common in the lowlands in the southern part of the country. In Sumatra, plants are not very common but have been collected from Muara Tebu in Jambi and from the Mentawai Islands (just off the west coast) as well as from Bangka Island (just off the east coast), with plants almost always found in the low foothills. On Java, plans are said to be common in the western part of the island where it grows in the foothills at 500-1300 ft. (150-400 m). On Borneo, plants are found in Brunei, Kalimanan, Sabah, and Sarawak where they grow in lowland hill and stream-side forest from near sea level to 2950 ft. (900 m). -- Source: Charles Baker

Bulbophyllum - Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines
With nearly 3000 species this is one of the largest genera in the orchid family with a widespread distribution. They grow well in high humidity, moderate warmth and some shade - good light is needed for flowering.  

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