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Picture Name Parentage Size Code Price Description
Aerangis modesta Flowering Size AS155 R 220,00 AFRICAN Pendulous racemes with exquisite white flowers
Aliceara Winter Wonderland 'White Fairy' Brat Cartagena x Onc Gledhow Flowering Size OSH04 R 165,00 Very appealing, fuller Brassia-like sparkling white flowers with small maroon markings.
Long lasting
Aliceara [Alcra.] Dreamy 'Kool n Kinky' Onc. Saint Wood x Alcra. Tropic Splendor Near Flowering Size OK481 R 135,00 Intermediate to warm
Soft pale green flowers with darker patterning that can flush with pink with age
ALICEARA= Brassia x Miltonia x Oncidium
Angraecum distichum Flowering Size AS08 R 150,00 AFRICAN Dwarf epiphyte; attractive leaf structure; tiny, white flowers. Rare.
Angraecum eburneum var. longicalcar Near Flowering Size AS1721 R 195,00 Found in Madagascar, the Mascarene Islands and Reunion
Warm growing large monopodial epiphyte
Produces many non-resupinate, fragarant, long lasting,waxy flowers
var. longicalcar has a much longer spur
Angraecum sesquipedale var. angustifolium (syn. Angcm bosseri) syn. Angraecum bosseri Flowering Size AS43 R 250,00 AFRICAN
Plants with short inflorescences 1- or 2-flowered, smaller in features than those further north in Madagascar.Terrestrial, often grown in sand.
Ascocenda Boris 'Kriengkrai Yellow' Ascocenda Thai Spots x Vanda Pranerm Ornete Flowering Size VHT38 R 285,00 Attractive yellow flowers with some light mahogany spotting
Ascocenda Duang Porn Vanda Thananchai x Ascocenda Yip Sum Wah Flowering Size VHT44 R 230,00 A very attractive burnt orange colour on medium sized, well-shaped flowers.
Ascocenda Gold Lover x Ascocenda Boris Ascocenda Gold Lover x Ascocenda Boris Flowering Size VHT52 R 350,00 our best yellow - Charming very large yellow flowers with some fine mahogany spotting, from two excellent yellow parents.
Ascocenda Ladda Gold Ascocenda Tubtim Velvet x Ascocenda Bangkhutian Gold Flowering Size VHT16 R 230,00 Beautiful, uniform dark yellow to deep yellow-orange flowers
Ascocenda Laksi Vanda Thonglor x Ascocentrum curvifolium Flowering Size VHT34 R 250,00 Produces an upright inflorescence with a candle of smaller crimson red flowers
Ascocenda Suksamran Sunlight Ascocenda Jiraprapa x Ascocenda Pralor Flowering Size VHKB20 R 230,00 Dark orange / yellow; very free flowering
Ascocenda Theresa Marie 'K Browny' Ascocenda Suksamran Spots x Vanda Doctor Anek Flowering Size VHT41 R 300,00 A very unusual and attractive colouring - Cream to soft yellow flowers heavily overlaid with bold mahogany-maroon spotting and pink flushing on the edges.
Ascocenda [Ascda.] Brighton's Moonbeam Ascocenda Jiraprapa x Ascocenda Tubtim Velvet Dwarf Flowering Size VHT39 R 230,00 White with fine brown spotting
Bardendrum (Epi OBrienianum x Barkeria cyclotella) Epi OBrienianum x Barkeria cyclotella Flowering Size MC1573 R 65,00 Colours vary from bright purple to red.The Epidendrum shape is very dominant.
Barkeria Cyclosky Barkeria cyclotella x skinneri Flowering Size MH971 R 85,00 Unusual lavender flowers that last for months; nick-named the Helicopter orchid.
Beallara Marfitch 'Howards Dream' Miltassia Charles M Fitch x Odontioda Fremar Flowering Size OSH02 R 165,00 Lovely dark pink-maroon flowers with fine spotting
Beallara Peggy Ruth Carpenter Beallara Tahoma Glacier x Mitonia Purple Queen Flowering Size OMIA26 R 150,00 Very free flowering, Vigorous grower. Produces beautiful starry flowers in soft pastel-purple, maroon and white colours
Brassanthe Maikai Flowering Size MCH16 R 175,00 Free flowering, very attractive pale creamy-green flowers with soft maroon-cerise spotting and flushing on the petals and sepals and bold spotting and markings on the lip
Brassavola flagellaris Flowering Size S286 R 175,00 Brazil
Grow in dappled light to indirect bright light conditions.
Pleasing fragrant straw-yellow flowers with a greenish white lip.