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Picture Name Parentage Size Code Price Description
Aerangis modesta Flowering Size AS155 R 220,00 AFRICAN Pendulous racemes with exquisite white flowers
Aeridovanda Full Moon Aerides Korat Koki x Vanda Bangkhunthian Flowering Size VHT68 R 250,00 Free flowering orange flowers
Aliceara Winter Wonderland 'White Fairy' Brat Cartagena x Onc Gledhow Flowering Size OSH04 R 165,00 Very appealing, fuller Brassia-like sparkling white flowers with small maroon markings.
Long lasting
Angraecum distichum Flowering Size AS08 R 150,00 AFRICAN Dwarf epiphyte; attractive leaf structure; tiny, white flowers. Rare.
Angraecum scottianum Flowering Size AS66 R 350,00 ORIGIN/HABITAT: Comoro Islands. On Grande Comore Island, this species is found on the western slopes of Mt. Karthala at 1300-1950 ft. (400-600 m). It grows epiphytically on the trunks and lower branches of large trees, often with other epiphytes. Plants are most frequently found on the west side of the trees where they are exposed to almost full afternoon sun. -- Source: Charles Baker
Ascocenda Boris 'Kriengkrai Yellow' Ascocenda Thai Spots x Vanda Pranerm Ornete Flowering Size VHT38 R 285,00 Attractive yellow flowers with some light mahogany spotting
Ascocenda Gold Lover x Ascocenda Boris Ascocenda Gold Lover x Ascocenda Boris Flowering Size VHT52 R 350,00 our best yellow - Charming very large yellow flowers with some fine mahogany spotting, from two excellent yellow parents.
Ascocenda Kulwadee Fragrance 'Klai Song Jed' V. Gordon Dillon x Ascda. Guo Chia Long Flowering Size VHT64 R 265,00 Bold dark maroon spotting with some pink flushig
Ascocenda Kulwadee Fragrance 'Sib Hok' V. Gordon Dillon x Ascda. Guo Chia Long Flowering Size VHT63 R 265,00 Stunning maroon-spotted flowers
Ascocenda Kulwadee Fragrance 'Song Ng' V. Gordon Dillon x Ascda. Guo Chia Long Flowering Size VHT65 R 265,00 Bold dark maroon-red spotting
Ascocenda Ladda Gold Ascocenda Tubtim Velvet x Ascocenda Bangkhutian Gold Flowering Size VHT16 R 230,00 Beautiful, uniform dark yellow to deep yellow-orange flowers
Ascocenda Theresa Marie 'K Browny' Ascocenda Suksamran Spots x Vanda Doctor Anek Flowering Size VHT41 R 300,00 A very unusual and attractive colouring - Cream to soft yellow flowers heavily overlaid with bold mahogany-maroon spotting and pink flushing on the edges.
Ascocenda Uraiwan Belle 'Bur Yisib' Ascda. Kulwadee Fragrance x V. Doctor Anek Flowering Size VHT61 R 265,00 Stunning, well shaped, dark maroon-spotted flowers with a flushing of pink on a cream background.
Ascocentrum ampullaceum Flowering Size S215 R 235,00 This colourful miniature grows at low to moderate altitudes from India and Nepal to Indochina. The erect inflorescences carry up to about 45 densly packed flowers varying in colour from bright cerise to orange.
Bardendrum (Epi obrienianum x Barkeria cyclotella) Epi obrienianum x Barkeria cyclotella Flowering Size MC1573 R 65,00 Colours vary from bright purple to red.The Epidendrum shape is very dominant.
Barkeria Cyclosky Barkeria cyclotella x skinneri Flowering Size MH971 R 100,00 Unusual lavender flowers that last for months; nick-named the Helicopter orchid.
Barkeria melanocaulon Flowering Size S384 R 145,00 ORIGIN/HABITAT: Mexico. Plants grow on trees and rocks in the mountains of central Oaxaca east of the city of Oaxaca at 5250-1600-1700 m-- Source: Charles Baker
Barkeria spectabilis Flowering Size S388 R 185,00 Found in southern Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador .
It grows as a small sized, cool to cold growing epiphyte or lithophyte in dry areas on oak trees and bushes at elevations of 1300-3500 meters with fusiform-cylindrical, erect pseudobulbs carrying ovate to linear-lanceolate, subcoriaceous, acute to acuminate leaves. It flowers in the summer on a few to many flowered, apical, 10" [25 cm] long, racemose or paniculate inflorescence arising on a newly arising pseudobulb with short-lived non-fragrant flowers that open in succession.

It is a cool to cold growing orchid and likes to be mounted on wood branches with moderate shade and even watering while growing and a drier winter rest after leaf drop. www.orchidspecies.com
Beallara Peggy Ruth Carpenter Beallara Tahoma Glacier x Mitonia Purple Queen Flowering Size OMIA26 R 150,00 Very free flowering, Vigorous grower. Produces beautiful starry flowers in soft pastel-purple, maroon and white colours
Bifrenaria harrisoniae Flowering Size S390 R 195,00 Brazil
Long lasting, waxy cream flowers with an attractive dark purple-pink lip