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•            Catalogue - The catalogue is on a database to facilitate easy searching. You can search alphabetically, for species, hybrids, according to
              price, size, colour etc. If you want to view the full orchid catalogue at once, you have to click on SHOW ALL on the dropdown menu that says
             "Records per Page" in the "Search for" menu bar. For a more simplified list you can use the Quick List link

•            Gallery - Orchid pictures to browse

•            Quick list - A more simplified list of the catalogue / no pictures

•            Specials - Special offers

•            Ordering - Terms and conditions and all you need to know when you want to order.  MINIMUM ORDER R300 (excluding postage)

•            Culture - a few handy tips on growing Orchids



•             Catalogue

•             Gallery - Pictures to browse through

•             Quick list – A more simplified list/catalogue – no pictures

•             Ordering - Terms and conditions and all you need to know when you want to order

•             Culture - Some handy tips on looking after your Air Plants



•             Who we are - A short history of Van Rooyen Orchids.

•             Meet the team

•             Plants registered - List of plants registered by Van Rooyen Orchids at the RHS

•             Crosses Made - List of crosses made in the Van Rooyen laboratory

•             Awards Received - Awards Pictures and measurements of awards received by Van Rooyens in the past.

•             (Hot)house News - Full of interesting news about what has been happening at Van Rooyen’s orchids



•             Orchid Articles and reading - Related Articles - A variety of articles on different orchid topics

•             Orchid Links – A range of very handy orchid links from all over the world, including the RHS link to the International Orchid Register.

•             The Bookshelf – A list of recommended orchid books to read

•             Bromeliad Reading – Some background and culture information for Air Plants



•             Terms and Conditions – all you need to know on how to order plants

•             Order Form

•             Specials



•             Contact us - Contact details

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