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Specials for Air Plants                                                          

(updated November 2018)

This offer expires on 30 November 2018.



TILLANDSIA – Tillandsias are the most fascinating and certainly the most peculiar of all the Bromeliads. Highly variable, they may be bulbous, tufted, grass-like, or assume several other curious forms. Typically, they are plants of the air, dwelling in its treetop environment where the winds move freely. They require little care if given a suitable environment – bright light to full sunlight, good air circulation and moist atmosphere. Most require seven years or longer to grow to flowering from seed.


Below are two special offers for Tillandsia and one for other Bromeliads for November


T012018  Tillandsia special 1  –   3 for the price of two
T07TT T07TT   Tillandsia mallemontii

“Ball Moss” – Tiny plants cluster tightly to form a dense ball of plants producing fragrant purple-blue flowers on wire-like stalks.

A fantastic little species from Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest. One of the easiest Tillandsias to grow.

R35.00 3 plants for R70
 T34TT T34TT Tillandsia schiediana
Found throughout Central America on a variety of trees and other surfaces.
It grows into a clump and produces he tubular flowers (a characteristic of subgenus Tillandsia) are bright yellow to reddish-yellow tubular flowers.
R45.00 3 plants for R90
T27TT T27TT Tillandsia crocata



Argentina Brazil.

Very pretty miniature bearing single, highly perfumed, bright saffron-yellow flowers. This lovely little plant achieves no more than 15 cm. The thin wavy leaves are heavily dusted with scales, giving a silver appearance

R85.00 3 plants for R170
T14TT T14TT Tillandsia ionantha


“Blushing Bride” – At flowering the plant blushes red and spreads violet flowers. The red colouring during flowering increases with  high light conditions.

 R60.00  3 plants for R120


T022018  Tillandsia special 2  –   take the whole pack

A selection of 12 different  Tillandsia worth R875.00 – If you take the whole pack you only pay R540.00 – saving R335.00.
(Postage for this particular special will be R160 only, not R200)

T30 Tillandsia cauligera R95.00
T27 Tillandsia crocata   
T36 Tillandsia funkiana  

T14 Tillandsia ionantha
T20 Tillandsia kirchoffiana
T31 Tillandsia lorentziana
T07 Tillandsia mallemontii


T34 Tillandsia schiediana
T38 Tillandsia secunda
T97 Tillandsia tenuifolia  

T18 Tillandsia utriculata
T90 Tillandsia virescens  (miniature)



BROMELIADS are native to Central and South America. The family consists of over 2000 species, and  more are still being discovered. The diversity of Bromeliads ranges from the pineapple to the “Spanish Moss” or “Old man’s beard” hanging in the trees. Countless hybrids have been produced from these species and the possibilities are endless.

Bromeliads are hardy, easy to grow and survive the neglect imposed upon them by the accelerated pace of modern living. Greatly adaptable, they grow under artificial, air conditioned atmospheres and tolerate abnormal light and moisture situations. They are ideal companion plants to most orchids as they both favour the same conditions for growing .

B012018  Bromeliad Special  –   take the whole pack

A selection of 8 different  Bromeliads  worth R560.00 – If you take the whole pack you only pay R350.00 – saving R210.00.
(Postage for this particular special will be R200)

A02 Aechmea gamasophela  

A04 Aechmea weilbachii  

N01 Neoregelia Fireball
N30 Neoregelia marmorata
N04 Neoregelia pauciflora
N18 Neoregelia spectabilis
N37  Neoregelia Strawberry Cream  


V01 Vriesea D’Ospinae ‘Golden Yellow’

Please mail ( or fax (0866499417) your order form (see bottom of page) with the CODE and NAME of the plants as well as their normal price, your name, delivery address and contact number.This offer is on a first-come, first -served basis (we have limited stock available of some of the items).


DO NOT PAY FOR THE ORDER YET – we have to check availability of the plants first and will reply re availability and the amount due (we will do the calculations for you.)


Courier Fees: This will be calculated on the Rand value of the order before the plants are discounted. Once again we will do the calculations for you.

Only pay once you have received the final letter re availability and final amount due.

Courier Fees: (We use Globeflight Couriers)
R160 for orders up to R500
R200 for orders R500 – R1 000
R250 for orders R1 000 – R2 000
R300 for orders R2 000 – R3 500
R400 for orders R3 500 – R5 000
For orders over R5 000 – please enquire

Plants will be sent bare-rooted (out of pot) and out of flower and all the other terms and conditions will also apply

We regret that these specials are for South African customers only.


CLICK HERE   for Terms and Conditions and more detail



I ACCEPT  (Download the Order form in Microsoft Word)
I ACCEPT  (Download the order form in PDF Format)


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