Welcome to Van Rooyen Orchids (orchidssa) situated in beautiful White River, South Africa !


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Van Rooyen Orchids is a nursery that specializes in Orchids and Air Plants like Tillandsia and Bromeliads, and celebrates more than 60 years of growing and hybridising orchids!

We grow a very large variety of species and hybrids and concentrate on the types that are easy to grow and flower under our South African conditions, like the Odontoglossum Alliance, Cattleya Alliance, Paphiopedilum, Miltoniopsis, Dendrobium, Vanda, Epidendrum and others. The catalogue is especially for the hobbyist growers who want to add to their collection - the prices on the web are for plants that are out of flower (although flowering size, except when mentioned differently) and will be sent out of pot (bare root). 
Although our main focus is internet orders where we send plants bare-rooted (out of pot) to growers and collectors all over the country, you are welcome to visit the nursery for purchases by prior arrangement. Contact Sieg Hamman Tel: 013- 750 0325 or 08456 12345

NEW ARRIVALS : Some new Cattleya and Oncidum intergenerics in exciting colours available.
To view the newer plants - In the Orchid -Catalogue click on  Show New Only  (next to the Search box)

Rlc Chief Flora cvSpring   Rth Chunfong Smile cv Cluster    Rlc Chief Canyon cv Morning Call RS    Mtdm Guann Shin Diamond cr    Psychopsis Kalihi Hanko    Psychpsis Kalihii alba  

Rlc Taiwan Chief Wine cr     Cattleya Culminant cv La Tuillerie 5RS   tn Cat Esbetts x Rlc Emmons Glacier 7   tn Cat Illustrious x intermedia f aquinii 3  tn Cat Ruth Johnson cv Big Surprise

SPECIALS - click here(Updated June 2017)

Some of these plants are hard to come by and not readily available or a special selected cultivar. Sometimes we only have a few divisions of a plant available. We have decided to list these plants on the web, but they will be taken off as soon as they are sold. It is possible that they will never be available on our list again, so grab this opportunity if it tickles your fancy.